What does Gabon and Madagascar Airlines have in common with Irish Ryanair and British Airways?
They all have used HS748 – a British aircraft quite popular back in the days all over the planet!

HS748 is an aircraft by an English company Avro that decided to re-enter the civilian market in the end of 1950’s.
This was their try to get back one of the leading positions within airline industry.
Unfortunately, this was not the most successful launch in the history of mankind.

The aircraft was quite cheap – around 200,000 Euro if we convert pounds to Euros using current exchange rates.
This made the aircraft successful on the market. The number of passengers that HS748 could carry was on average 40-45.

In total around 400 HS748 aircrafts were officially produced during the time of production – up to 1988.
Currently only ca 20 aircrafts are still in operation with the majority of operators coming from Africa and Asia.
Bismillah Airlines, for instance, is the largest operator of HS748’s today. According to Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bismillah_Airlines) they have two airplanes in their ownership while two more are leased. This means four in total.

HS in HS748 stands for the first two letters in the abbreviation HSG (Hawker Siddeley Group).
Today Hawker Siddeley Group has become dissolved by British Aerospace. This has happened for 28 years ago.
There have been a number of incidents with HS748 involved, the latest one being in the South Sudan. Two people were eventually killed in the accident. This happened 3 months ago – in November 2014. Some months prior to this crash another HS748 crash landing was witnessed in the very same country. 1 person was killed that time.
The development within the civilian flight industry is rapid and the number of HS748s in operation will soon go down to single digits. The only place where we will be able to get to know more about the history and interesting facts around HS748 will be Internet.
This site will be updated with more detailed information on the aircraft, its history and its good and bad days. We have also plans of providing you with technical information around HS748.
If we will find HS748 being for sale for general audience, we will for sure post information about its price here, as well.